Best time to be on safari

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For many people a trip to South Africa is a once in a lifetime experience & most travelers want to know when is the best time to visit. This one is a bit tricky, as the summer & winter months both offer very different conditions that may be suited to different people.


The Kruger Park summer is also known as the wet season. The months of September – March are the warmest in the region, when the day time average temperature hovers around the 30°C mark but can often exceed 40°C.

The Summer is a time when the bush comes alive. New rain brings with it a host of new life in the form of antelope calves & birds from all over the world join us for the summer. Insect activity increases during this time & so, unfortunately, does the risk of malaria.

The peak holiday season is during this time so be sure to book your accommodation in advance.


The temperature starts to cool down from April to a pleasant 25°C during the day. The dense vegetation begins to thin out & soon the bush takes on a very dry appearance. This often makes it easier to spot animals that would normally be concealed by the dense vegetation during the summer months.

This period is the low season & most lodges are running at lower occupancy than during the summer. You might be lucky to snatch a few good specials over this period.


Most people will tell you that the best time to be on safari is in winter. This is because the weather is quite pleasant, although the mornings & evenings can get chilly. It may be easier to spot animals during this time of the year & the threat of malaria decreases. If you are on the hunt for a discounted rate, this is the season for you.

Having said that, there is just something special about seeing the first rains arrive & the bush come to life in Summer. Bird life in the summer is also phenomenal & the bush is teeming with new born impalas & other antelopes. While it does normally rain in the late afternoon, rarely will your safari be interrupted by the weather.

In our opinion, each season has its pros & cons but the animals are here all year long. Anytime is a great time for a safari