Covid-19 – October 2020 Update

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The month of October saw the South African international border open after many months of complete shutdown. Realistically, we couldn’t have expected hoards of tourists to suddenly flock to our shores.

The South African government has taken the decision to very carefully determine what countries will be permitted to travel to our shores. This list will be re evaluated bi-weekly. An updated list can be found here .

Unfortunately our major source markets in Europe and the States are still on the red list & we haven’t seen any international visitors just yet.

The lowveld has had some very good rain over October, over 100mm in some parts of the Greater Kruger. I am always amazed how resilient the bush is. Just when you think all hope is lost, a bit of rain comes along and the bush suddenly comes to life again.

November will surely bring some more rain and we are optimistic that we might get more travelers and our industry might spring to life just as the bush has after so many months of little nourishment.

Nick Coetzer