Is Johannesburg safe

Nick CoetzerBlog, South Africa



Johannesburg has developed an incredibly bad reputation all over the world as a place to avoid at all costs. Sadly many people who arrive in South Africa never visit the city at all.  It is true that the city has its share of problems but which large city in the world doesn’t?

What’s Right

The inner city of Johannesburg is going through a major regenerative phase & is fast becoming a vibrant & attractive area. Businesses are moving back into the inner city & a vibrant student culture is fast developing.

What’s Wrong

Certain portions of Johannesburg are still in a bad state. The inner city has battled with a major influx of illegal immigrants since the dawn of democracy & a very large drug trade network operates in some parts of the city.

The city’s regenerative phase will eventually deal with crime hot spots, but for now, these areas are best avoided. The reality is that South Africa suffers from very high levels of unemployment & many people turn to crime as a means to make a living. 


Like any city in the world, Johannesburg has some areas best avoided but the majority of the city is well worth a visit. The inner city is bursting with history & there really is a long list of places to see & things to do.

No need to rush out of the airport when you land. Spend a night or two discovering the hidden secrets of the city of gold.