10 reasons to visit South Africa

Nick CoetzerSouth Africa



The South African currency, the rand, has weakened against most major currencies since the recession of 2008. You will get more value for your buck when visiting the country allowing you to see more & do more.


South Africa enjoys a very moderate climate, with most of the country generally experiencing warm sunny days & cool nights. Most of the country enjoys between 8 – 10 hours of sunshine per day.


Safety is of huge concern when travelling anywhere in the world & South Africa is no exception. While the country does suffer from relatively high levels of crime, we take great care in ensuring popular tourist spots are well protected. 

Thriving Rainbow Nation

South Africa has come a very long way since the dark days of Apartheid, where the country was on the edge of a civil war. The release of Nelson Mandela, a man with such vision, allowed the transition from Apartheid to democracy to take a very peaceful course.

South Africa today, although there are some problems, is a young democracy that is really thriving. Law and order is well in place in South Africa, sadly, unlike many other African countries.

So Much To Do

South Africa is a very diverse country with so much more to offer! You can explore the rich cultural history of Johannesburg and its early gold rush days one day and the next day be on the very scenic garden route down to Cape Town followed by an authentic African Safari in the Kruger Park, chasing down the big 5.

There is just so much to do in South Africa!!