Moholoholo & Blyde Combo

Details & Itinerary

While many visitors admire the breathtaking Blyde River Canyon from the panoramic vantage points atop its majestic cliffs along the famous Panorama Route, there’s another extraordinary perspective awaiting those who embark on a boat cruise.

This unique experience unveils the canyon’s awe-inspiring beauty from a different angle, offering an equally astonishing viewpoint. Led by a knowledgeable guide, the trip takes you on a captivating journey to discover the most scenic spots of the canyon. Keep your eyes peeled, as the guide will gladly point out any hippos or crocodiles that may grace your path, alongside a plethora of other wildlife that call this natural wonder home.

Among the highlights of this cruise, the Kadishi Tufa waterfall steals the show as the second largest Tufa waterfall in the world. Prepare to be enthralled by the sheer grandeur and magnificence of this incredible sight, creating memories that will forever be etched in your heart.

Boat Timeslots (Seasonal)
  • 09H00
  • 11H00
  • 13H00
  • 15H00
What You Should Bring

Dress warmly during the winter (April – August).
Camera for the incredible scenery.

Best Times for This Excursion

Indulge in the splendors of the Blyde Dam boat cruise, available daily throughout the year. Every season presents its own unique and captivating charms, ensuring that no matter when you choose to embark on this adventure, you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

Transportation to the Site

Guests may self drive to the boat launch site. We can happily arrange transfers if needed.


Located just a short 30-minute drive from the charming town of Hoedspruit, the Blyde Dam boat cruise awaits. Accessing the launch site by road is a breeze, with clear signage guiding your way along the well-marked route. The convenience of reaching this captivating experience adds to the overall ease and enjoyment of your journey. So sit back, relax, and let the road lead you to the start of an unforgettable adventure on the Blyde Dam boat cruise.

All tours depart from Hoedspruit and surroundsĀ 


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